Whether you are thinking of refreshing your home or adding visual interest to your office walkway, your flooring choice can make or break your aesthetic. Choosing the wrong flooring for your needs will not only ruin the look you are aiming for, but can also have an effect on the safety and security of the people using your flooring. You should look into applying stone carpet flooring to your home or office for elegance and a rustic appeal.

Stone carpet flooring comes in a variety of options, including both dark and light stones, allowing you to tailor your flooring to the rest of your house. If you are not sure about installing this stunning floor option, below are just some of the benefits of stone carpet flooring. 


Highly Durable


When you are considering flooring for your home, you will need to think about the durability of the floor you choose. One of the major benefits of stone carpet flooring is that it is highly durable, as it is made from locally sourced glacial stone. This ensures that it is able to withstand a large volume of foot traffic no matter where it is placed. 

It is able to maintain its durability due to the fact that stone is naturally moisture and stain-resistant, meaning that it will not buckle or warp like wood or absorb moisture like other floor coverings. It will last for a longer period of time when provided with the proper care and maintenance. 


Safe And Slip Resistant


If you are considering placing new flooring in an entryway or hallway, you will need to be sure that the surface will not become slippery when wet. Stone carpet flooring is the ideal flooring for these areas, as it is naturally slip-resistant. It is also easy to clean and dry if it does become wet, allowing you to maintain the slip-resistant surface. 

Slip-resistant flooring is vital to have in areas where there might be moisture, making stone carpet flooring ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. For those who would like to introduce rustic elegance into their bathroom, stone carpet flooring can provide this aesthetic while also ensuring that you do not slip and fall when the floor becomes wet. 


Control The Floor Temperature


Having cold floors on a cold day is never a nice feeling, but if you install stunning stone carpet flooring, you will find that the temperature of the floor is warmer…and stays that way for longer. This temperature control ability is due to small pockets of air trapped between the stones in the flooring system.

Stone carpet flooring can also help to keep the floors cooler in cooler weather, which is ideal for the warm South African climate. If you would like to keep a room warm but still enjoy the beauty of these floors, you can invest in a rug to match your decor or you could install under-floor heating to use during the icy winters. 


Comfortable For Bare Feet


Walking barefoot across stone carpet flooring provides a unique experience for your feet. Because the stones are perfectly smooth and round, they provide a feeling similar to a massage while also providing a comfortable cushioned experience. This makes it ideal for installing around a pool or on a patio, where you can enjoy the flooring with bare feet. 

Having floors that are comfortable to use when barefoot is a huge benefit, as it allows you to enjoy your home in comfort. The rounded edges will ensure that you do not cut the soles of your feet and that you will not slip or trip over the edges. Be sure to keep your floors clean if you will be walking on them without shoes or with shoes that have tracked in mud. 


Uniquely Beautiful


Stone carpet flooring is the perfect choice for adding some pizzaz to your home or office. It is highly durable, meaning that it will last for a long time and maintain its beauty. Stone is also safe to walk on and slip-resistant, and can even help to control the temperature of the flooring and the room. 

With stone carpet flooring, you can also walk comfortably without shoes on. If you would like to reap the benefits of this stunning flooring, feel free to contact Cape Industrial Flooring today to find out how we can help you.