Stone Carpet Flooring

A modern and highly durable sophisticated look

Stone Carpet

Our Stone Carpet is made from only the highest quality, locally sourced glacial stone. Prepared and installed by our professional team at Cape Industrial Flooring.

Stone carpet provides a modern yet sophisticated look that is highly durable and will last you for years to come. Stone carpet is not only good to look at but provides a gentle, soothing underfoot massage whilst walking on it due to its natural properties. Suited for both indoors or outdoors around the pool or braai area, this Stone Carpet is sure to be a winner and great talking point!

This hygienic, decorative seamless Stone flooring contains  the highest quality of locally sourced glacial stone, that has been naturally formed through thousands of years perfectly forming a smoothed, round stone without sharp edges or chips.

UV stable Epoxy maintain the natural rich colours of the stone. It is extremely durable and is suited for areas such as:







Pool areas

Stone carpet is warmer than tiles and maintains the same temperature as the surrounding air due to small pockets of air trapped between the stones in the flooring system.

Due to the texture of the stone, it provides a gentle massage whilst walking with a well cushioned feel.

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