Starting out in a new office can be an exciting time for a business. You are able to put your stamp on the space and make it a comfortable and exciting space to work in. However, for those who do not have any interior design experience, it can b difficult to achieve your dreams in terms of design. You should invest in a decorative epoxy coating to create a safe and stunning floor for your office.

By starting out with a solid foundation for your office decor, you will soon be able to create the office of your dreams. Tying all of the elements together with a colour scheme or your branding will ensure that every element is cohesive and makes sense. 

For those who might need a little extra help in creating their ideal office space, keep reading below for some helpful tips. 


Floors Come First


Your flooring can make or break the office aesthetic, so be sure to choose a material that will enhance your design. You could opt for decorative epoxy flooring in one or more of your brand colours to tie the office together or choose a metallic epoxy option to provide a unique and elegant aesthetic. 

A decorative epoxy coating is an ideal choice for those who want a floor that is easy to clean and that looks modern and chic enough for any industry. If you have multiple teams in your office, you can use different coloured epoxy flooring to designate each team area, such as having a purple section of floor for your creative team and a green section of floor for your development team. Keeping your floors neat, shiny, and clean helps to maintain a positive brand image. 


Bring In Brand Elements


Now, highlighting your brand does not mean that your decor should be excessive. For example, you could use a decorative epoxy coating on your floors in the same colour as your brand and continue this by painting a wall or two in the same colour. Alternatively, you could highlight your logo in some wall art or other visual aspects. 

If your brand is more formal and corporate, you can bring this in by choosing elegant furniture and pairing it with flooring to match. For those who have a more fun and relaxed brand, you can opt for furniture and flooring that reflects this. Your wall art should also be true to your brand and should be contextualised to your ethos and values. 


Make Use Of Magical Mirrors


If your new office space is on the smaller side, you can really open it up with a well-placed mirror or two. This will help to make the space feel lighter and brighter, and when combined with a shiny decorative epoxy coating on your floors, the space will truly feel much larger than it is. 

Mirrors also provide a professional appearance and can bring in outside light for better illumination. Be sure to choose mirrors with frames that match the rest of your aesthetic, such as slim silver frames against for a more corporate identity and large, brightly coloured frames for a vibrant and young marketing agency. Always keep these mirrors clean and shiny so that they reflect light properly and look professional for when clients visit. 


Offer Inspiration With Wall Art


The mood of an office can be greatly influenced by what the employees see around them daily. And, aside from having a gleaming epoxy floor to show off, you should invest in some inspirational wall art to create a positive atmosphere in your office. The art can be something abstract but interesting, or a specific design and phrase that inspires your team. 

You should also think creatively when choosing wall art, such as having a backdrop of sunlit trees on one wall in your office if your employees spend all day at computers and need some scenery to look at. Be sure to take everyone’s likes and dislikes into account before you decide on any wall art. If you have an in-house designer, you could ask them to create some art that you can print out and hang on your walls for a truly personal touch. 


Think Outside The Box


When you are decorating a new office, it can be tricky to find the right look and feel for your brand. Starting with stunning floors that have a decorative epoxy coating will help to set the right tone for your office. You can then move on to bringing in brand elements, using mirrors in a creative manner, and using inspiring wall art. 

If you are interested in sprucing up your new office with decorative epoxy flooring, do not hesitate to contact Cape Industrial Flooring to find out how we can help you create the office space of your dreams.