Floor Repair

Floor Repair

Cape Industrial Flooring provides a wide variety of floor repair and installation services for all types of industrial flooring. In just one call, our professional technicians will come to you and handle your floor installation and repair needs, as well as fix up other major and minor repairs as well.

Whether you are laying polyurethane flooring, epoxy flooring or concrete grind flooring, we can help install and repair your industrial flooring with absolute perfection. Our professional technician will arrive with all necessary tools and equipment to perform the repair work in shortest possible time.

Our high quality industrial floor repair products are capable of fixing any cracks, pits, deteriorated joints and other concrete defects.

Reliable Flooring Solutions

Customers in various industries have been relying on our industry standard products for decades, to restore and preserve the condition of their concrete floors. Your concrete floor facilitates your business’ entire operation and also handles a lot of traffic, which is why it requires regular attention and often professional floor repair. But before you simply repair, it is important to understand what caused the damage.

This is why we conduct a thorough inspection before we repair your floors, to provide you with a complete and customised solution.

Cape Industrial Flooring offers a variety of technical assistance to understand how defects occur, and how we correct it, to ensure the long-term durability and serviceability of your industrial flooring.

We have been a preferred supplier for years, and with our comprehensive floor repair service, you will get variety of repair and installation services for all kinds of industrial floors – at an affordable price.

If you are unsure which industrial flooring repair solution is right for you, give us a call. Our technicians are available to assist you with all your flooring needs.

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