Epoxy Flooring

Add a touch of style to your environment

Epoxy Flooring

Cape Industrial Flooring is a premier provider of epoxy flooring solutions in Cape Town, South Africa. With our extensive experience and quality-concentric approach, we have been serving our customers with best-in-its-class products and services. Our professional infrastructure setup is equipped with all facilities and equipment needed to handle all types of flooring requirements.

We have been providing superior epoxy flooring solutions for decades, and we are committed to providing affordable, durable flooring solutions, including the installation and coating of various flooring solutions. Our ethical business practices allow us to provide the best possible customer service, while building lasting customer relationships.


What is Epoxy?

Epoxy is a mixture of different types of resins and hardeners. We provide both epoxy flooring and coatings to fulfill your requirements. In Epoxy coating, a thin layer is applied whereas in flooring, multiple layers of material are applied on the floor. It is possible to create a dynamic look by combining different types of resins.

The benefits of epoxy flooring include:

  • Controls concrete dusting
  • Protects concrete from wear
  • Enhances life of concrete
  • Builds healthy & clean workplace for employees
  • Protects the substrate from chemical & physical degradation
  • Reduces light consumption
  • Makes your floor look more appealing
  • Cut down on maintenance and cleaning costs
  • Easy wash ability

Our high quality epoxy flooring is very famous in the engineering and automobile industries. It adds a touch of style to various environments with a clean, non-slip, and oil-proof flooring system that ensures safety, strength and resistance. With an expert team of installers, Cape Industrial Flooring is able to complete any project, large or small, without compromising on quality.

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