As a business owner, you realize that a broken or chipped concrete floor is not only unsafe, but it can destroy the overall appearance of your workplace as well. As we specialise in floor repair in Cape Town, we will help you to find out if the floors in your building are in need of repairs to avoid future damage.


When concrete gets damaged, it’s usually the joints that are damaged first, followed by the surface of the floor. During the first stage of setting, concrete tends to shrink in volume, which makes the surface unstable, and cause cracks close to the joints. If these joints left unattended, the problem gets worse and sometimes it can lead to the replacement of the entire concrete surface.


Cracks that form in the joints of the concrete structure can cause many other problems if you do not repair them in time. Problems can lead to moisture penetration, concrete expansion and in some cases, complete structural failure. This is why floor repair in Cape Town is so important.


When You Should Call Expert for Floor Repair?

As the damage is apparent, it is very easy to realise that the floor in your workplace requires repair. Most parts of the concrete floor will develop small fractures over time, and continue to form on a regular basis, until you have to call in a concrete flooring expert to evaluate the damage, joints and cracks.


The process of floor repair in Cape Town is comprehensive and includes following steps:

  • Find the source of cracks. Before repairing the cracks, you need to find out the cause of cracks to formulate the best repair strategy.
  • Choose the right repair material. Make sure you choose the right repair material that provides strength to the floor, and fix up the cracks permanently.
  • Prepare the floor. Before starting the repair process, make sure you define and clean the cracks and fractures. After cleaning the cracks, you can fill it up with repair material.
  • While filling the repair, make sure that your fill up the cracks a little higher than the floor, and sand it flush to the surface. It is imperative to choose the right industrial flooring company that specializes in floor repair in Cape Town to get long lasting repairs. Additionally, you must know about how you can prevent floor damage in future.

Ask your concrete specialist to use a semi-rigid joint sealant during the repair process because it provides the building structure with the flexibility to handle daily wear and tear. The cost of floor repair entirely depends on the extent of the damage, and quality of repair work.