Modern interior and exterior design trends have changed drastically over the years, especially when it comes to flooring. Previously, bare concrete floors were not thought of as being beautiful but with the innovation of diamond-polishing technology, polished concrete flooring can be made to shine like…well…diamonds. 

There are benefits to choosing polished concrete flooring that you may not have considered before. For example, it requires significantly lower maintenance than a normal concrete floor due to its smoother, shinier surface. Polished concrete flooring is also more water-resistant and will not peel, chip, or flake. 

If you are interested in polishing your concrete floors at home or in your office, below are just some of the reasons why you should choose to do so. 


Easy Cleaning


Cleaning concrete floors can become difficult, especially if they are in an area that is exposed to a lot of chemicals that can cause stains or have to endure foot traffic from the outside to the interior of a room. However, polished concrete flooring requires much less maintenance due to it being compacted and hardened. 

When you do need to clean your polished concrete floors, all you will need to do is sweep or vacuum them and mop the floors with gentle soap and warm water. Polished concrete flooring is also stain-resistant, so if you do happen to spill on your floor, you can easily wipe up this stain with a damp cloth, without worrying about leaving permanent damage. 


Lower Maintenance


Polished concrete flooring is the perfect addition to an area that receives a high volume of traffic, especially because it has a lower level of maintenance needed. Other floor coatings might need to be sanded down before they are recoated and fixed, but polished concrete has a hard surface and is scratch-resistant. 

The hardened surface of polished concrete means that it can withstand heavy foot traffic without the need to be resanded and repolished on a regular basis. The sheen  does need any waxing or stripping to maintain. You can keep your floors shiny by keeping them clean using water and mild floor-cleaning soap. 


Improved Ambient Lighting


Now, you might not think that the type of floor you choose can have any effect on the lighting in a room, but with polished concrete flooring, you will find that ambient lighting is improved. The reflective properties of polished concrete can help to increase the lighting in the room, helping to improve visibility in warehouses and in offices. 

If you install polished concrete in your living room or kitchen, the ambient lighting will also be improved. You may also find that you use less electricity because of this reflective property, allowing you to use fewer lights in one room while still maintaining the ambience of the room. Polished concrete flooring can also work wonders in a smaller room because the mirrored surface will make it feel brighter and larger. 


Increased Durability


Having durable floors is vital in areas that have a steady flow of foot traffic, which is why polished concrete flooring is a perfect choice. It will not chip, flake, or peel, which can cause problems for those walking on it. Polished concrete is hardened and compacted, preventing it from being easily damaged or cracked. 

The durability of polished concrete flooring is due, in part, to the fact that it does not need ot be resurfaced or resanded as often as other flooring types. If you are using this flooring in a warehouse, this durability will come in handy when using heavy machinery or if you accidentally drop a heavy item. Floor repair for polished concrete flooring is also relatively simple, helping to keep it durable. 


Keeping Up Appearances


One of the major benefits of installing polished concrete floors in your home, office, or warehouse, is that they will look stunning at all times of the year. A shiny, reflective floor will illuminate any room and can be used to showcase products in a retail space. 

Polished concrete flooring does not need to be a simple shade of grey, you can choose from a variety of colours to suit your needs. If you would like to try something a little different for your flooring, contact Cape Industrial Flooring today to find out about our concrete polishing options.