Production Facility Flooring Solutions

Production Facility Flooring Solutions by Cape Industrial Flooring

Production Facility Flooring

Production facilities and manufacturing plants aim to work continuously with minimal downtime to ensure efficiency.

Damaged floor surfaces can be dangerous and unsanitary – in contrast specialised flooring systems supports overall efficiency and meets with managements long term budget goals.

Production facilities and manufacturing plants require a flooring solution that can:

  • Withstand heavy foot and equipment traffic
  • Provide adequate slip resistance
  • Offer impact protection from heavy loads
  • Protect structural integrity of the concrete by preventing absorption of chemicals and acids
  • Prevent concrete dusting and easing strain on filtration systems

Polyurethane flooring systems is normally applied in these industries as it consists of all the necessary attributes.

At Cape Industrial Flooring, we strive to provide a variety of innovative flooring solutions encompassed with additional value-added services. You can request an instant estimate or a consultation from one of our trained consultants that will be glad to assist.

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