Color Screeds

Color screed

Color screed is the advanced flooring solution that offers many additional benefits when compared with traditional sand and cement methods. It is easy to pour with its liquid properties that allow for a speedy application and faster drying time. Color screed flows into whatever shape is required whilst filling all gaps and voids.

The conductivity of screed is far superior to sand and cement screeds making it the most ecologically sound choice for floors, it is available in a range of specifications, this product can meet any developer’s needs.

Our support service is also very important to us, so after installation, if you need more help, we will always advise on aftercare for our floors and our helpful team can be contacted for further guidance as necessary.

We are a highly experienced flooring manufacturer and with an outstanding track record. You can rely on us to deliver your project on time and within budget without any hidden fees.

At Cape Industrial Flooring, we strive to provide a variety of innovative flooring solutions encompassed with additional value-added services. You can request an instant estimate or a consultation from one of our trained consultants that will be glad to assist.

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