Industrial Flooring Solution

Industrial Flooring Solution

With decades of experience in the flooring industry, we provide our customers with professional industrial flooring solutions for all their flooring requirements.

Cape Industrial Flooring is one of the leading Cape Town industrial flooring contractors,  known for providing the best flooring solutions based on the unique requirements and budget of the customer.

We aim to offer the best possible flooring advice, as well as the highest quality service and expert installation support throughout your entire project. Our expert Installation Technicians have unrivaled industrial flooring expertise and practical experience, providing all types of installation, repair, and other flooring solutions for commercial and retail premises.

We provide a sturdy industrial flooring solutions, which is suitable for frequent forklift traffic, very easy to clean and also slip-resistant if required.

Our Industrial Flooring Solutions Include:

Polyurethane Flooring:

Polyurethane flooring is one of the most preferred industrial flooring options, as Polyurethane is abrasion resistant, chemical resistant, and highly durable.

Epoxy Flooring:

We are a reputable service provider, offering high quality, cost-effective epoxy flooring solutions. Our epoxy flooring is smooth, easy to clean, and maintenance free. High gloss finish.

Metallic Epoxy Flooring:

Cape Industrial Flooring is bringing you the brand new trend – Metallic Epoxy Flooring – we are proud to be the only Company in South Africa that installs Metallic Epoxy Flooring.

Stone Carpet:

Our Stone Carpet is made from only the highest quality, locally sourced glacial stone. Prepared and installed by our professional team at Cape Industrial Flooring.

Industrial flooring requirements are much more complex than residential flooring projects. We are based in Cape Town, South Africa and will manage every aspect of your commercial flooring needs, ensuring that the best solutions are provided, and the best results are delivered every time.

We also understand that every business has different priorities, values and requirements; therefore, we offer a variety of high quality industrial flooring solutions and services.

Our Approach for Industrial Flooring

Generally, a business determines its flooring requirements based on the services offered or the type of customer they serve. We at Cape Industrial Flooring does not just do basic measurements; instead we see the bigger picture. We ensure that every flooring solution offers the perfect platform for your business to operate effectively.

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